Counting Down To Blast Off (AKA: Escaping the 3rd World Tyranny That Is Kalifornia)

This will be a short post due to our “limbo” status but beware—-many pictures of grandkids to follow! So, despite the absolute fiasco of the China virus shutdown, apparently Glacier Nat’l Park has reopened (with limited services, of course) and the W. Glacier KOA is open so our original plans of flying Chad & his family into Montana for a week’s run on the Nat’l Park are still a go. With Jeanne’s mom settled in, we ventured south back to Atascadero for a month’s worth of babysitting the two granddaughters Hailey & Ellie. It seems the scam China virus shutdown caused Chad’s wife Crissy to get furloughed from her job, then their daycare was shut down (luckily Crissy was forced back into being a stay-at-home mom), but then all of a sudden she got called back to work in June, with no daycare available. Hence, Oma & Opa to the rescue. They were able to find new daycare (but not until July), so it was June in Atascadero for us! We started off with a stint back at the Atascadero Elk’s Lodge RV lot.

It got tiring having to put up with the China virus silliness, what with not being allowed in certain businesses without wearing a useless mask, to businesses being closed, period, to having to stand in insufferable lines just to get into buildings, but we did manage to squeeze some fun into our babysitting tenure. We made a run into Pismo Beach to play at the Dinosaur Caves Park. Chad, Crissy, Hailey, Ellie, and the old folks (Oma & Opa) went on a mild hike (ending with getting drenched in the rain) at the 3 Bridges Oak Preserve. The girls got some water time on several very hot days in their backyard inflatable pool. Then, we spent a week back at the Cava Robles RV Resort in Paso Robles where the girls got some REAL pool time at the fancy pools there.

And here we are, winding down our last few days of babysitting. We will start working our way north again, with stops to see our daughter Jenn and her family (which just happens to include Maximus, our Gladiator 8 year old grandson) and another stop to check on Jeanne’s mom. Then it will be, “Look out Montana, here we come!” Until next post…

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