1/25/2019 A Stint in SoCal

We left Coarsegold and headed back toward the ocean. Our first stop was at the Oceano Elks Lodge. The Elks are located basically at the gate to the Pismo/Oceano Dunes. We could not have asked for a better location, having the ability to access the beach either by Jeep or by foot. We were able to let Woody take us on a long beach walk, as well as Jeanne getting her opportunity to stretch her 4-wheelin’ wings at the Dunes. We also enjoyed a couple Kentucky Mules while taking in one of Kalifornia’s classic sunsets. After a quick couple of days it was southbound and down.

A mere 3 hours drive south brought us to the Simi Valley Elks Lodge for a few more days stay while we visited Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library. That puts us down to 4 more libraries left for us to visit; Herbert Hoover, FDR, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower’s. So far, in our humble opinion, Reagan’s library is the nicest we’ve been to. Unfortunately, they do not allow flash photography inside the facility, so most of my pix turned out to be crap.

Hell, since we were in the heart of the beast, we just HAD to cruise over to Santa Monica and the Pier. We let Woody take us on a walk along the boardwalk down to Venice Beach and back to the pier, viewing all the freakazoids on parade. 

Our last big outing we left Woodrow Wilson in charge of the bus and we went to Malibu to cruise that pier. On our way back we just HAD to inspect a couple of the local breweries; Figueroa Mountain Brewery and Ladyface Alehouse Companie. At Figueroa I tried their Stagecoach Stout and their 8th Anniversary Barleywine, both OK but not outstanding. At Ladyface they had Picture City Porter, Trois Filles Tripel (Belgian Tripel), and Dreamer-9th Anniversary Ale (a Barleywine). The porter was again, OK, but none were outstanding.

In all of our walking around and driving around Simi Valley, I never knew the area to be big time involved in the movie studio business, but found out it is. And the Elks Lodge is located just a few miles from the old Spahn Ranch, former home/hideout of Charles Manson and his gang of miscreants. Spahn Movie Ranch has been absorbed by the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, and its website said it was shut down for damage clean up and whatnot. Cest la vie…

Well, this is the way I like my posts, short and sweet. We’re back on the road again tomorrow…Until next post…

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  1. Mom says:

    OMG, how exciting to see all that. Thanks for pictures as I felt I was there too.

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