Southern Idaho Follies Begin…

Our first stop was at the Ambassador RV Resort in Caldwell. We were able to get a few days, but had to relocate to the Caldwell Elks Lodge for a few more days, then we returned to Ambassador for a little bit longer than a week. Thus is the lifestyle of those of us with no reservations and no plans set in stone! The Ambassador RV Resort was a nice RV park albeit small. The interior roads are paved, sites are gravel with FHU’s, nice concrete patios, and well kept grass strips between sites. There is a clubhouse, with small gym, game room, pool, sauna, spa, a nice fenced off dog area and the park is surrounded with a dog walk area. The Caldwell Elks Lodge is a bare bones parking area behind the Lodge with 8 RV sites, 30A power, no sewer hookups or dump site, and 4 water spigots for sharing between the 8 sites.

The clubhouse at Ambassador RV Resort.

What is this, some kinda Tiffin rally?

Our home at Ambassador RV Resort.

The Cement Pond.

Game room.

Small, but can still make one break a sweat…

Inside the clubhouse.

The Caldwell Elks Lodge.

Our home at the Elks.

Jeanne & I were able to catch up to a couple of my former co-workers from Sonoma County, Stacy and Jim Camara, who now live in the area. They played tour guides and took us into Boise to its famous Saturday Farmer’s Market. It was refreshing to attend a farmer’s market that did not revolve around the “hippy” culture and one that was not overrun with dope smoking paraphernalia for sale.

Sights from the Boise Farmer’s Market.

More market…

…and more market…

…and even MORE from the farmer’s market. Look at the size of some of those radishes…

Checking out Freak Alley with Jim and Stacy Camara (Stacy being the photographer here)

Freak Alley art.

More art.

Jeanne discovered a place called Leslie Gulch in the Jordan Valley area (actually back in Oregon, near Lake Owyhee). We took a Jeep ride out there and found Leslie Gulch to be a scenic dirt trail through volcanic rock formations. The 7 miles of trail through the rocks had views that evoked images of Death Valley and Flaming Gorge.

Welcome to Leslie Gulch.

Cruisin’ through the canyon.

Looks like SOMEBODY’S profile!

It’s amazing what volcanoes and water can create.

Not good to drive through canyons like these with tall mountain formations when one has recently undergone neck surgery!

Cool colors!

We also did some everyday living stuff while in the Caldwell area. Of course, we had to hit The Village, a fancy-schmancy outdoor mall in Meridian. I found Rolling H Cycles and got our bicycles tuned up and ready for, hopefully, some near future use. I did a couple of minor repairs and some maintenance on Rosie the bus. We got reservations set up for our next stop in Boise. And before we head that way, we checked out some local properties for sale, both undeveloped and several sub-divisions. We find the prices here are a bit steep and the locals complain of that, blaming it on those dang Californians coming up here in droves. California(n) are descriptors best left unsaid around here. Glad we are TEXANS!

The Village.

You can drive through the whole mall and actually park near the stores you like.

More of the mall.

An entertainment area in the middle of the restaurants at The Village.

That about catches me up here. Until next post…well, here’s a couple more gratuitous Opa and Oma pix. So sue me…

Hailey Marie Watkins.

Ellie Grace Watkins.

Maximus Charles Rodriguez.


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