Time to Hit the Road Quickly Approaches…

This will be a short one, I’m under orders to keep the voluminous number of granddaughter pictures to a minimum to avoid boring the pants off you readers. Our satellite issues have resolved. Brian (the tech whose name escaped me from the last post) of Coast Satellite swapped out a Winegard Trav’ler for our original Winegard Roadtrip Mission. For Pete’s sake I don’t know why we did not have this done long ago. We have had multiple problems with the Mission since we got the rig. Having to plug and unplug, reboot, restart, and even going as far as popping the SIM card in and out just about every time we moved down the road was most annoying. Since the switch, Trav’ler works like a champ!

On our return stint at Cava Robles RV Resort, we got a nice corner lot near the top of the hill and the office. A quick re-con and we found the second clubhouse, pool, & spa finished, the area they call the Wellness Center. Soon they will be offering massages; now the small gym/fitness center is open for use.  There are now some 230 RV/cabin sites open, numerous others still under construction. Little Miss Hailey got to come stay with Oma and Opa quite a few times and spent many hours in the swimming pool learning to swim. The weekend before the 4th Jeanne’s mom came to visit us from Coarsegold (gateway to Yosemite and just east of Fresno). We had Chad’s family come out for the day to enjoy time with “Gigi”. 


Our corner lot at Cava Robles. Check out the new Winegard Trav’ler antenna! Lucky this oak tree is not due south…


The second pool at the Wellness Center. This one is geared more toward being a lap pool and less kid friendly (no wading area, no water fountains).


Work continues on the rest of the sites.


Pour them patio slabs, boys! It’s only 110 degrees!


A 4-generation photo, Jeanne, Gigi, Chad, Hailey, and Ellie.

Chad’s family returned for the 4th of July holiday and everybody got wet…the temperatures here in El Paso de Robles have been consistently between 100-110 degrees! We spent most of the day in the pool and ended it with a nice BBQ.


Getting ready for the 4th of July decorated golf cart parade at Cava Robles.


Chad, Crissy, Hailey, and Ellie in the 4th of July spirit!


That’s one proud Oma and her granddaughters!

We did find some time to wander for ourselves. We loaded Woodrow Wilson up and took a roadtrip to Santa Barbara. Besides checking out the coast, I wanted to stop off and see the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge RV lot. It supposedly is one where you need reservations and, due to its small size, I can believe that. Unfortunately, the lot is tiny, would be rough maneuvering through in a 40’ bus, and the sites are packed tightly, side to side. I’m afraid I’ll pass on trying to spend any time there. We parked at the Shoreline Park and let Woody take us on a walk along the shore. It was a nice day, temperature-wise, and it would have been nice to be dog-less, so as to walk down by the downtown/pier area. But alas, Woody does not behave well in a crowded pedestrian setting.


Woody taking Jeanne down the path at Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara


Oil rigs off in the distance.


The beach south of Shoreline Park.


Ahhhh, the life of a beach bum!

One work day we decided to meet Chad for lunch near his work at SLO Brew Rock, a local brewery. This brewpub gets it’s namesake from a large rock formation in it’s front yard. Hailey got to play some of the games in the yard and we had a nice lunch. They have an outstanding brisket but I must say I was not impressed with the beer.


Hailey playing a little corn hole at SLO Brew Rock.


Waiting on Chad…


Here’s the namesake “rock”…


Too much fun…

Well, another couple of weeks and we shall be northbound again. We’ll get a recall issue for the bus taken care of at Sacramento Freightliner, then up to the area of Junction City, OR again for our Captain’s chairs on the bus. On to Coburg, OR for our engine service at the Cummins shop there, then onward toward So. Dakota for a change of domicile again. 

I’m not much into following orders any more, so I might as well close out with…PICTURES OF GRANDDAUGHTERS!!! Until next post…


A little Father-Daughter clowning time…


Pool time, big time!


Learning to swim with Opa…


“Does it get any better? Camping at the camping bus with a bag of Grammy Bears?!?


“Ha, ha, hey Oma, pull my finger!”


Happy 4th of July everybody!


A little “customized” S’mores action at the camping bus…


OK, so this is a demented Opa version of the child’s tea party…


Block party, Hailey style!




The Gladiator may not be with us in person, but Grandson Max is definitely with us in our hearts! The Tooth Fairy must have had to mortgage the farm on this one…


Born for resort living!


Little Miss Ellie…


Just say “Good night, folks”…

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    Great write up! Had a very nice time being with you all. Of course love the pictures of my g-granddaughters.

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