Clearing the Decks For Our Babysitting Gig

Memorial Weekend turned out to be a bit rough as far as finding an RV spot for the beast, we were running without reservations. So we did the next best thing – imposed ourselves upon kind-hearted relatives. We returned for some more mooch-docking at Jeanne’s brother Dwayne’s house in Cottonwood. For Memorial Day Jeanne’s other brother Dave joined us as we all went out to the area of Igo and the Northern California Veteran’s Cemetery to visit with Jeanne, Dwayne, & Dave’s stepfather, George. He was a WWII Navy veteran and is laid to rest there in Igo. 


Northern CA has these “terrible” views as you motor down I-5…Mt. Shasta did not get much snow this season.


Mooch-docking at Dwayne’s house.


Northern California Veterans Cemetery.


Makes normal humans want to stand in somber reverence…


Thank you, one and all.


Jeanne, Dwayne, and Dave’s stepfather, George.


The siblings, Dave, Jeanne, and Dwayne pose with George.


Tribute to the submarine veterans.


Tribute to the Air-Force veterans.


A Pearl Harbor memorial.


The Gettysburg Address.

We only spent 2 days at Dwayne’s, then it was time to continue on toward Sonoma County to clean up a couple of doctor appointments before our babysitting gig. We did a short hop and stopped off at the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning to kill one day and get some laundry done, and of course donate to the local economy by way of a little Pai Gow Poker. For all you travelers along the I-5 corridor, this casino is a pretty good stopover spot. The RV lot is paved roads, gravel sites, FHU’s, and right next to the casino. They also have a travel center for laundry, showers, business center (fax, copies, etc.) and a small K9 kennel for doggy day care. $35 per night takes the sting out of having to pay for just overnighting it. The buffet inside the casino is better than most…


Our overnight home at Rolling Hills Casino.


Another look down the RV lot…

The next morning it was southbound and down, back to the Petaluma Elks Lodge for a 5 day stint. Some follow-up doctor appointments finished, it was time to have fun with the Gladiator (our grandson Maximus) and his mom Jenn. First order of business was the Rohnert Park Farmer’s Market. Not a large event, but we got to eat “Fair food”, Max got his face painted, and we listened to the “silky smooth” sounds of a band called “Choppin’ Broccoli”. I guess I’d call them kinda 80’s pop rock. 

IMG_0880 3

In case you forgot what the Petaluma Elks Lodge #901 RV lot looks like, here we are again…


The grass/weeds have overgrown at Shollenberger Park (Petaluma) since last we were here.


One lone soldier, sunnin’ hisself at Shollenberger Park.


Kinda low tide at the park.


Yup, I got “screwed”…


I guess I will not worry about getting any type of titanium deficiency ever again……Good news was NO MORE NECK BRACE! A plus was, no PT necessary, and I got the sawbones to OK my normal gout meds! Whoopppeeeeeeeee!


Jeanne and I anxiously awaiting the start of “Choppin’ Broccoli” at the Rohnert Park Farmer’s Market.


Welcome to the Friendly City!


Max getting all painted up…


Fun in the sun at the RP Farmer’s Market!


The King of the Rock.


Choppin’ Broccoli, in concert…


Hey, it got the young’uns dancing, anyway.

We got the opportunity to go to Max’s last Little League game and the ensuing end-of-the-year team party. The last time we were here, we got to see Max’s first game of the season and he has shown great improvement between the two games.


Joe Cool, warming up with the stick…


Max preparing to do his best Buster Posey imitation…


Now he’s doing his best Brandon Belt swing…


Always ready for the ball!


End of the season party at Legends on the Bennett Valley Golf Course.

Next stop was the Forestville Youth BBQ, a yearly carnival-like event. The band was called The Interpretations and they did a good job with some  60’s-70’s easy rock. Max ran amok around the rides and games and had a general really good time. The BBQ brisket was not too shabby either…


Sucking down some BBQ brisket, with Jenn and Max, at the Forestville Youth BBQ.


Winner winner chicken dinner!


Another Giants fan gets tattooed…


This is just more fun than any human can possibly stand!




Super slide!


A wannabe pilot in training, “Good afternoon, this is your pilot Captain Max!”


The Interpretations, at work.


Max even got invited into a hackey-sack round with a couple of the locals.

Fun time done, time to settle down in Atascadero and prepare for babysitting. Until next post…


Little Miss Ellie Grace Watkins, at your service!


Little Miss Hailey Marie Watkins, mischievous imp!

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