Ol’ Nero Must Be Sawin’ On That Fiddle Like the Ragin’ Cajun

OK, so we are not in Rome, but, dang, California sure has become a virtual inferno in 2017. No sooner had the north settled down into recover and repair mode, the south decided to ignite and, as of this writing, still burns out of control. I will try to catch you up on our doings to now, as best I can without being too boring.

So we left Sonoma County and headed back to Paso Robles and the Vines Resort. We stayed there about 3 weeks whilst visiting granddaughter Hailey and her family. That included a return visit to the Paso Robles Children’s Museum (converted fire house), a few trips to local area parks, a little babysitting time, and a general good time visiting family. While here I also made a couple of command decisions related to health and lifestyle. I have begun the process of joining the Elks club in Atascadero. Second, and more importantly, I have had neck pain issues related to a herniated disc (C6-C7) for the past 5+ years. Back in 2012 & in 2013 I had epidural injections which provided immediate but short-lived relief, both done in Sonoma County. Since then I have lived with the “pain in the neck”. Within the past 2 months the pain recruited a new teammate – occasional numbness – so I decided it was time for medical attention. I returned to the “Bone Palace”, aka: Santa Rosa Orthopedics, and started THAT process. We did a road trip up to Santa Rosa for Doctor visit and X-Ray, which showed arthritis covering basically the entire C3-T1 section of my spine. Great. So Doc set me up for PT, an MRI, and a neurological conductivity test. Pain not withstanding, I was put into “stand-by to stand-by” mode.


Hailey having fun on the swings at Atascadero Lake Park.


The flamingos at the Charles Paddock Zoo next to Atascadero Lake Park


Oma, Hailey, and Woody outside the flamingo pen at the zoo.


Hailey playing at the Children’s Museum


Oma and Hailey doing the teeter-totter.

With the Gladiator’s (Max, the 6 year old grandson) birthday and Thanksgiving both occurring very close in time, our daughter Jenn opted to host the family for both celebrations at her home in Santa Rosa. We relocated our house on wheels back to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park. Upon arrival we found the park dramatically changed. With the recent spate of disastrous fires, FEMA has purchased a fleet of travel trailers and was in process of setting them up here. What was once an RV park with single, pull-through sites, now had those pull-throughs chopped in 2 for a back-to-back doubling of the spaces. And although they allowed larger rigs like ours, our site caused our nose to hang out into the traffic lane quite a bit. Many others were situated likewise, so any navigation of the interior traffic lanes became a slalom course. Our entire stay we worried about someone hitting the front of our bus.


Our home, at Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park.


A look at the fairgrounds RV lot through the fog.

First order of business was Thanksgiving. The family elected to have a crab feast, so we made a run on Costco for some King Crab legs & Dungeness whole crabs. Chad, Crissie, and Hailey drove up for the weekend festivities and we stuffed our faces with crab. Hailey was not real sure of the little critters, but boy, howdy, they was TASTY!

IMG_0498 2

Hailey was not quite sure of that little critter…

Somebody’s 6th birthday was next on the itinerary. Max had a few friends over for his party and party they did. He is now into Nerf gun wars, and has no shortage of weapons. The living room became the battlefield. Cake & pizza to boot, not too shabby!


Hailey would rather eat the Nerf darts…


Max, getting loaded up for battle…


Let the carnage begin!


Nothing better than some cake after a hard fought Nerf battle…


No, Hailey is not eating both those plates full…

The Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park was gracious enough to extend my stay beyond their 14-day limit so I could do my PT appointments while waiting for related appointments. As it happened, I got my MRI and conductivity tests moved up because of appointment cancellations, so I was able to crank those out on the same day.

After finishing my last Doc ordered PT, we moved the house on wheels back to Paso Robles and the Vines Resort for some early Christmas celebration with Hailey and her family. I also got sworn-in as one of the newest members of the Atascadero Lodge of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America. One of the perks being an Elk is it now opens the door to parking the bus at numerous lodges all over the country. We did our maiden voyage to the Atascadero lodge and stayed in their RV lot, full hook-ups, at a wallet-friendly $25 per night. I had to giggle at myself because I actually had to go out shopping for a sport jacket and slacks for my initiation ceremony, my full-time RV wardrobe mostly consisting of shorts and flip-flops. I found all the folks here at Lodge #2733 to be very friendly and welcoming and I encourage any of you RV-ing Elks out there, if traveling through this area, to consider a stop-by for brief respite and fellowship. This is a good location, within striking distance of San Luis Obispo, the coastal communities of Avila Beach, Morrow Bay, Pismo Beach, and Hearst Castle.


Our home, at the Atascadero Elks Lodge RV lot.

While waiting for my eventual follow-up Doc’s appointment, I was able to access the report from my MRI. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but could have been worse. It basically looks like all my “C” discs have “minor” bulging, coupled with arthritic damage and the canals through the bone in which the nerves run are all congenitally abnormally small. So here I sit, hoping another appointment cancellation will move my Doc appointment up from January 15. You gotta love that “hurry up and wait” lifestyle!

Meanwhile, back in reality, we got to have an early Christmas celebration with Hailey, Chad, and Crissy. I got to re-live my young adult parent days and build a play kitchen set for Hailey. Glad to see nothing has changed, companies still make instruction manuals that would give a structural engineer a migraine! But failure was not an option, 2 hours later a kitchen was born. Whew…Chad cooked up a great platter of pork ribs and we feasted yet again, washing it down with a bit of Founder’s CBS Barrel Aged Stout. Nirvana…


Soon to be a play kitchen…


Jeanne was hard at work, making Christmas cookies in a real kitchen!


Wow, sometimes I can make things that turn out the way they is supposed to…


Now there’s some good eatin’ Christmas cookies!

Chad & Crissy then treated us to dinner and Christmas lights in Cambria. The Cambria Pines Lodge puts on a large light display. It was a nice time out, even if little Miss Hailey cried when she had the chance to sit with Santa.


Chad, Hailey, and Crissy on the “Golden Gate Bridge” display at the Cambria Pines Lodge.


Opa, Hailey, and Oma.


Oma Jeanne, Hailey, Crissy, and Chad walking through the lights.


Santa, Crissy, and an unsure Hailey.


The Krampus, in lights…

Well, that about catches us up. We will spend a couple of days back in Coarsegold, CA, with Jeanne’s mom and Fred, then back to Sonoma County to wait out the medical issues. Merry Christmas to everyone!

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  1. Christy Coffman says:

    Are you looking at houses to buy and get off the road? I am sure your happy to be home. We got to AZ with a rough spot. But we made it. I’m so happy to be here! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope and pray your neck gets better! Older age kind of sucks huh!! lol.

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • rvrrat520 says:

      Are you kidding? In Ca?!? Not on your life! Merry XMAS to you kids too! AZ & ID might be our forerunners…The neck is a mess! But hey, I’m already fused in low back…

  2. Tami Soler says:

    Well Christmas is upon us and we didn’t get together. If you will be back in Sonoma County after the New Year and have some time, I would love to visit with you. My phone is 707-xxx-xxxx.
    Sorry, to hear about your neck. As my aunt use to say, ‘Old age is not the golden years but the rusty years’. Our older joints just start to seize up.
    I’m glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with Chad and his family.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Mom says:

    Great write up! Love the pictures of Hailey

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