Babysitting Duties Begin

Our last couple of days in Santa Rosa were spent taking the Gladiator on his very first trip to the bowling alley and picking up some more baseball stuff at the going out of business Sports Authority. Then it was southbound and down for our 3 month stay in the central coast area.


“Carerful, Max, those things are HEAVY!”


Nice approach, Max! We won’t worry about those pesky little foot faults either…


Now you got it!


Mr. Baseball, stylin’ in his new uniform and lid…

We still needed to kill a few days before we had to be in Atascadero, so we stopped short and stayed at the Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, just south of Soledad. This is a brand new park and very nice. Concrete sites, clubhouse, pool/spa, exercise room, laundry, and very friendly staff. The only problem is the location is kinda out in the middle of nowhere and the price was the normal California steep ($55 per night). And the proof that Murphy’s Laws are in full force, we arrived in time for California to be in the process of burning down for the second year in a row. The Big Sur fire had just begun and the smoke was thick coming over the mountains into the valley. The fire continued to burn during our entire stay here at Yanks, putting a damper on any hopes to breath clean air any time soon. Trying to make the best of it, we attempted to visit Pinnacles National Park for some hiking. Upon our arrival at 10:00 a.m. the temperature was 95 and climbing. So much for hiking…Too hot inland, well then, go to the coast. We took a spin out to Carmel and found the smoke there too. We walked the downtown area and checked out the beach, but overcast skies with a little added smoke kinda killed the mood.


Getting tired of having to choke this down…Big Sur fire smoke over Hwy. 101.


Our home at Yanks RV Resort and yeah, it is a little smoky.


When in Carmel, you just gotta stop by Dirty Harry’s bar/restaurant.


This is the entryway to Clint Eastwood’s Hog’s Breath Inn.


A view of the beach in Carmel.


Looking across the bay in Carmel at a golf course…I’ll bet the green’s fees are a bit pricy, but you get all the smoke you can inhale for free…

Our stay at Yanks at an end, it was off to the Santa Margarita KOA for at least the month of August. The timing was such that with the Mid State Fair happening in Paso Robles, the KOA was the only place that had a site available for long term. Otherwise, we would never stay there due to the barren nature of their location and their exorbitant prices.


The grounds of the Santa Margarita KOA, just a BIT barren!


Our home at Santa Margarita KOA…


The week before we got here, some a$$hole thug punk(s) sliced the bounce pillow inside the park. What a shame…


This is the “guard emu” the KOA uses to oversee the bounce pillow. Problem is, guard emus are not as effective as guard dogs, at least guard dogs BARK!

With a few days to burn before we began our babysitting duties, we relaxed and got familiarized with baby Hailey’s routines and mannerisms. Crissy and Chad took us out to the Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery where they are club members. This is a nice local winery that has picnic tables set up in the yard for you to taste wine and have snacks. They bring you several of their wines for tasting, and give a little narrative about them. Me, I’m a heathen as far as wine connoisseurs go…I wouldn’t know the difference between a cabernet and a sauvignon. But Crissy packed a nice snack assortment and we had a good time at the winery. (VIEWER ALERT! You are about to be bombarded with photos of our granddaughter Hailey. If you are fresh out of “oohs and aahs”, you can scroll past!).


Hello, baby Hailey!


Hailey on a road trip to the winery.


Chad, Crissy, and daughter Hailey at Pomar Junction.


Oma, Opa, and baby Hailey standing on the caboose.


The picnic area for the winery.


Grapes, grapes, and more grapes…


Wine tasting, baby Hailey style. Bottled milk vintage, oh about 36 hrs. ago!


God bless the USA!

As we started our “work week”, it quickly became clear Hailey was well set on her schedule and she is a very good baby. During nap times we found lots of opportunity to practice our long-lost art of yard work by helping Chad and Crissy out on some minor yard projects. When awake, Hailey loved taking walks, either by stroller or by shoulder harness. All in all, our days are full as we play in a real house. It’s been almost 4 years since we knew what a house looked like, we’ve been on the road that long already. Time flies!


She likes to read (OK, be read to…)


Bath time!


We’re having fun NOW!


Yeah, I remember how this yard work stuff went…


Lucy, after one of our Hailey walks. She can’t hang with the big dogs…


Having fun with Oma!

On our first weekend we made a run out to Pismo Beach to escape some of the triple digit heat. It was overcast but very busy, especially with what seemed like an army of young tech geeks running around with their eyes focused on their cell phones, doing that Pokemon Go thing. It seems there was some type of critter located near the pier. This is the future of our society?! God help us!

We also paid a visit to the Pozo Saloon.This is a hole-in-the-wall ancient bar left over from the late 1800’s, about 20 miles south of Santa Margarita. They are now a venue for musical concerts which are staged behind the saloon, with some fairly famous acts having appeared here over the years (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, 38 Special, Ted Nugent, Lynrd Skynrd just to name a few of the normal groups). I had heard of the “famous” Pozo Saloon martini and thought we should at least try it. Not impressed, I have to say. You order your beer, they serve it in a mason jar, throw 3 martini olives into it and call it a martini. It felt like the Pozo Saloon was trying to emulate Luckenbach, Texas, which is another hole-in-the-wall bar behind a post office that is a much larger concert venue. But still, Pozo was quaint…


Welcome to the Pozo Saloon!


Just a modern-day piano bar…


Inside the bar, Pozo Saloon.


The stage area behind the saloon.


Some of the past acts at Pozo Saloon.


More of the past acts…

Well, “doo-dee” calls, it sounds like Hailey just blew out another diaper. Catch us on the next post…

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  1. Linda says:

    You guys look like your having too much fun!! and that little Hailey is such a doll!!! cute pictures!

  2. Tami Soler says:

    I’m glad to see you having so much fun with your grandchildren. I can’t wait to hold mine that is coming in October. Shocked to hear it’s been 4 years since you moved from the neighborhood. The people who bought your home are moving. Real estate sign just went up. It’s a bummer! They turned out to be good neighbors, quiet and maintained their yard. I did not get to know them like you, which was a shame.

    • rvrrat520 says:

      You will absolutely melt that first encounter with the little one…Happy to hear our yard was kept up, we barely had time to enjoy it. Let us know when the stork arrives. You & Ed take care…

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