Our Temporary Stay in Hell (AKA: California) Begins!

OK, so the Cummins guy hooked us up to pull the fault codes for my check engine light. Couldn’t exactly pinpoint the problem, but they had a program update that they installed since they were in there. His suggestion was that there may be an issue in the dash wiring/gauges/warning panel. But of course, that was not THEIR responsibility, that belonged to Tiffin (from the floor down, Cummins; from the floor up, Tiffin). But he gave his “all good” for Cummins part. And I chalk it up to those gremlins acting up, for now at least.


While waiting for Cummins, we checked out downtown Reno and their annual chicken wing festival.


Home, at the Cummins shop…

So we move on back to Carson City for the wedding. The Gold Dust West Casino had an RV park and for $27 per night was a good deal for full hookups. Jeanne’s sister Denise flew in for the wedding from Branson, MO., and stayed with us. While waiting for Denise to arrive, we just had to take advantage of the bowling alley at the casino, $1 per game during the week. We have not bowled in many moons, and it certainly showed!


Home, by day, at Gold Dust West Casino in Carson City, NV


I just can’t sleep without my nightlights on…


Brute strength and awkwardness…


Jeanne showing off her PBA form…

Wedding day cometh, we popped over the hill into South Lake Tahoe. A lot of the family was staying at a rental cabin so we stopped off there for a visit before the nuptials. Then it was on to the Edgewood Golf Course for a lakeside wedding service and subsequent reception in the clubhouse. Our niece Amy and hubby-to-be Tim picked a very nice location for their wedding, but today that Murphy guy struck again with hurricane winds during the ceremony. But it was still a nice wedding.


Jeanne and Denise, lunch before the wedding at windy Applebee’s.


Family get-together at the cabin before the wedding.


Max keeping his uncle Chad busy…


Grandkids, grandparents, life is just GRAND!


A shot across Lake Tahoe on Amy and Tim’s wedding day…


Uncle Dave has no worries about the wind mussing up his hair!


Morning-after breakfast with the bride and groom and family…

I-do’s completed, it was jacks-up and off into the heart of the beast (California). Jeanne had a quick follow-up dental appointment in Santa Rosa, so we did a couple of nights at the Dixon May Fairgrounds and road-tripped to Santa Rosa. Then it was off to Anderson, CA, for a visit with Jeanne’s brothers and mother. The Win-River Casino was again our stopping point, it is centrally located for our purposes and has full hookups for $24 per night. And being in the Redding area during the peak of summertime, full hookups are an absolute must for the (3) AC units to keep it bearable. Triple digits every day we were there!

After 4 blistering nights, we headed south to Santa Rosa to spend time with grandson Max and his family before we start our 3 month babysitting gig for granddaughter Hailey in Atascadero, CA. As our plans are now, it will be a while before we return to CA, our destination being the east coast for about the next year or so, as usual the weather determining when and where we go at any given time. So for now, maximum fun time for Max means a 3 day stay at the Petaluma KOA. They do have a long list of activities for kids, and Max always has a blast there. However, if it were not for Max, we would never stay here again; it is way overpriced ($77 per night), the sites are not that great (leveling issues, poor sewer connections, too many obstacles to maneuver around in the 40’ MH, employees not the most accommodating, sites a little cramped). Max, again, was not disappointed. We wore him out (I never thought it was possible!), between arcade games, horseshoes, bocce ball, playground shenanigans, bicycle riding, and movies.


Opa taking one in the face, Max likes playing this game “Pie Face”!


Now Max, you stop laughing at Opa!


Hah! It was Max’s turn to take one…


Watching swim lessons for that world famous ring diver…Maximus!


Having fun on the bounce pillow at KOA.


Max taking it to his Opa at air hockey.


A boy and his “hog”. The flag is “it”!


“I’m King of the World!”


A ringer in the making…


The bocce ball king of Santa Rosa…


Max chasing Mah around the playground…


Topping it all off with a little face painting…


Shark face!

After 3 days of non-stop FUN, it was back to the real world and a return to Max’s house in Santa Rosa, where we parked the bus at the curb for a few days awaiting our launch further south to Atascadero. And, as usual, once again, my sincere apologies to all our friends, former co-workers and former neighbors who we were unable to squeeze a visit into our short schedule. Until next post…

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