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Finishing up in Livingston, TX, I passed my road test for the bus driver’s license (the entirety of which was a drive around the block to make sure I would not run over anybody.) So now, when you see me driving that bus toward you, save yourself, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Upon our exodus from Livingston, first stop was a couple of days in Richmond, TX at Shiloh RV Park. This was a dirt parking lot with hookups and most of the residents were long term with dilapidated and unkempt rigs. The ONLY plus for this place was it was a couple of miles to major shopping and big name stores. Trains ran 3 or 4 times each night, scattered over all night long, making sure to blast their horns all the way down the tracks. We did venture out to check out nearby Brazos Bend State Park. A hike around the lake afforded us a view of several alligators in the wild which was really cool. 
Jeanne and the baby alligator

The baby alligator’s DADDY!

Just waiting’ for an unwary hiker.

Gotta love all that Spanish Moss.
After a sleepless stay in Richmond, it was on to the Lazy Longhorn RV Park in Victoria, TX. This was one of the many hundreds of “snowbird” type parks here in Texas, albeit a smaller one. The sites were concrete but tight when the toad was parked in the designated space next to the front door of the RV. As we found out quickly, most of the long term residents were oil workers. But all sites were kept neat and clean, no unsightly rigs in the park, and the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, Victoria is a dumpy city with not much to do in town. But we did manage to check out Goliad State Park. Not much to do or see there, the main attraction is the Mission Nuestra Senora Del Espiritu Santo de Zuniga. And the town of Goliad evoked scenes from “Back to the Future.”
The Mission, from outside the fence.

The bell tower and front door.

The yard.

Downtown (historic) Goliad

The old court house in Goliad

“Where’s McFly?!”
From Victoria we headed into Alamo, TX and the Alamo Palms RV Park. This was one of the mid-sized snowbird parks. It was a bit run down but we were there a little early for the peak season of snowbirders, so there were only a few rigs there. We checked out So. Padre Island and were underwhelmed with it. McAllen, TX, and the surrounding suburbs is a very large, spread out area with all the normal shopping and big name stores you could want. We did not try to venture into Mexico from this stop, although locals suggested Progreso as a safe Mexican city to visit. We were told by several folks to stay out of Matamoros at all cost. Did not have to twist my arm on that one…
Home, at Alamo Palms.

South Padre Island, public beach access, ugly beach!

The sun sets on our stay in Alamo…

Still headed slowly westbound, we still had until the end of October before our Texas State Parks Pass would expire, so we made our next stop Choke Canyon State Park in Three Rivers, TX. It was out in the middle of nowhere, but the park sites were very nice, spread out, neatly maintained, with only water and electric hookups at the campground we stayed in. The park is on the Choke Canyon Reservoir, a big fishing lake for bass, crappie & catfish. The campground has a boat ramp, tennis courts, basketball courts, a gymnasium, group pavillions, but limited hiking trails. We stayed a couple of nights during the weekend, and now will be headed to Fredricksburg, TX. 

This is the 75 Acre Lake at Choke Canyon State Park, well there really is a lake there in non-drought years anyway.

Another shot of the 75 Acre Lake.

The tent camping area at 75 Acre Lake.

This was our only neighbor while at Choke Canyon SP.
Our overall plans have changed, again. When we started out 2 years ago, we sold nearly everything we had, with the exception of some “stuff” we thought we wanted to keep. We put it all in a POD and have had it stored in Santa Rosa this whole time. We have all but decided that when we get back to the Santa Rosa, CA area, we will terminate the POD and sell off or give the kids what is left inside it. Who cares, it’s only “stuff”, right? Until next post…

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