Graduation to Motorhome and Toad

Well, we did it. We have now moved on from full timing in a 5er to a full blown, bus drivin’, Jeep for a toad outfit. We found the RV Corral in Eugene and were able to talk ‘em down substantially to a point we were comfortable with. We bought a Phaeton 40QBH 40 feet worth of Freightliner chassis power and pleasure. Then of course we had to buy a toad to go with it, so Jeep was our choice, a 4-door Wrangler. The Ford truck and Cougar went bye-bye in the deal. I have to say, it is very different driving a big bus towing a little car vs. driving a “little truck” towing a big fifth wheel, but it seems to be easier to handle. And the ease of hooking/unhooking the Jeep makes it all the more pleasurable, sight-seeing will be easier and less expensive burning unleaded in the Jeep vs. diesel in the truck. We found moving around inside the motorhome does not shake the rig so bad as it did in the trailer, even with the stabilizing jacks and a tripod on the hitch pin. This thing is hideously decadent; it has heated floors, FOUR monster TV’s (1 outside), a gigantic residential refrigerator, and 1 1/2 baths. Like Tiffin folks say, we is “Roughin’ It Smoothly”!
We went from this…

…to this!
While we were in Eugene getting all the kinks and bugs worked out of the motorhome, we did get to sneak out and catch some sights. We managed a day trip up to Crater Lake, the South entrance. It was still thick in snow and the rim drive was still closed, so we only got to the Rim Village. But the Lake was visible and picturesque. On our way back we stopped at the Salt Creek Falls, a 286’ waterfall in the US National Forest. Very cool…
Wizard Island on Crater Lake.

Salt Creek Falls
A short drive from Eugene landed us at Dexter Lake, where we just had to drive by the infamous “Dexter Lake Club”, made famous by that classic melodrama (kidding) “Animal House”. Also nearby we found yet another covered bridge, Oregon is big on covered bridges and waterfalls.
The Dexter Lake Club, complete with original roof mounted sign.

Dexter Lake

Oh, looky, another covered bridge in Oregon! This was the Lowell covered bridge near Dexter Lake.
Eugene also has a large downtown Farmer’s Market dominated by local organic farmers. Unfortunately the air got let out of the enjoyment by the area across the street where the “Occupy…” types congregate, bathing not required, all manner of hair types, colors, styles, body ink, and piercings welcome. Sorry for my intolerance, but it makes me want to puke…
The Farmer’s Market in Eugene.

The lovely view across the street from the Farmer’s Market.
We moved on from Eugene to Bend. We found a very nice RV park, the Sisters/Bend Garden RV Resort, and took up residence there for a few days. That area around Mt. Bachelor and the Deschutes River is beautiful. We tried to make the loop on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, but the snow level put a stop to that. We had to turn around at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, where skiing was still in full swing. But we snuck down to the south end near La Pine and were able to come backwards toward Mt. Bachelor and see several of the Cascade Lakes, until we got to Elk Lake where it was closed again.
Quite stunning views…
Snow covered peaks from the lake.

Home sweet home at Sisters/Bend Garden RV Resort…
If nothing else, there is NO shortage of micro-breweries in the Bend area. We ate and sampled at a couple of them and I have to recommend Three Creeks Brewing Co. in Sisters. I had the most flavorful pulled pork sandwich that I have ever tasted, ocean to ocean. And the “to go with” would have to be the Five Pine Chocolate Porter. Mmmmmmmm.

Refreshments at Three Creeks Brewing Co.  The second one from the right is the ticket!

The downer of the whole experience came while we were on our Cascade Lakes excursion. We returned to the bus and found some Adam Henry hit our right side mirror, causing the arm to swing way in and the mirror head loose. Brand new rig! And no note, no sorry, no “kiss my @$$”, nothing! That really puts a ding in what little faith I have in human beings doing the right thing.

Well, we are less than 3 weeks out for our reservations in Yellowstone. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with snow closures then but who knows, we are early in the seasonOnward!

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