Lots of water in Tennessee…

The out-of-the-normal weather patterns are still following us. There has been above normal rainfall here in middle Tennessee and the seasonal temps have been cooler than the normal triple digits that locals say we are supposed to be seeing right now. For us, the weather has been pleasant…

While here at Rock Island, we just HAD to check out some of the other nearby State Parks. Burgess Falls State “Nature” area was just outside Sparta. I say “Nature” area because when we tried to find “Burgess Falls State Park” with Agnes (my Ford GPS system), it was not listed in the Parks section.  And even though the few street signs leading to the park names it as a State Park, our friend Ranger David here at Rock Island says Burgess Falls is specifically NOT a State Park, but a State Natural area. There were some pretty spectacular waterfalls here, and it is a popular place to swim for the locals. The trails are not overly strenuous unless you are accompanying a Princess who gets out of breath and “plops” in the shade when her physical burden becomes too great (AKA: Madison, our Cocker Spaniel).
Burgess Falls 

Dodgin’ bugs and critters at Burgess Falls State “Park”

We took the kids (read: dogs) out to Fall Creek Falls State Park. It was a pretty good hike to the falls overlook, but very scenic and the falls again were spectacular. This was also another popular place to swim at the base of the falls.

The Cascades at Fall Creek Falls State Park. “Hi Kids!”
“You want ME to walk across THAT suspension bridge, are you INSANE?”

Fall Creek Falls

An orange creek at Fall Creek Falls State Park? Too much iron?

Fall Creek Falls
While here at Rock Island, we still had issues with a tiny leak in our bedroom slide during rain.  The mobile unit from Buddy Gregg RV in Knoxville came out to us and tried to seal the leak for good, but we later found the leak continuing.  Our friend Ranger David from the park recommended Southern RV out of Manchester to install some slide toppers we ordered through Camping World.  Southern RV showed up and did the install at our campsite and, voila!, leaks stopped.  A bit later in our stay we developed a leak in the plumbing behind the water heater.  With a couple other minor repairs needed, we thought we could go to our “friends” at Southern RV again.  I called them and made an appointment to bring in the trailer. At the appointed time, we dropped off the trailer for the repairs, Southern RV fully aware we were full timers.  We drove into town and putzed around, returning near closing time to find the trailer HAD NOT BEEN TOUCHED! I got the “we are still waiting to hear from the insurance co. to approve the work, we can’t do anything until then,” when I got to seeing stars. It gave all the veins in my neck a good work out too. I calmly (as best I could) splained that the repairs had to be done whether the insurance covered it or not, and there was now a waisted day behind us. Then, the veins got their super setted workout when the kid there told me, “Well, you are not our only customer, there are others ahead of you.”  OK, bye-bye Southern RV in Manchester, Tennessee and I hooked back up and rode off into the sunset…I would never recommend anyone to use Southern RV as a repair place or anything else… We found Newbies RV in McMinnville and they took care of our issues swiftly and successfully. Go to Newbies…

Jeanne ordered an inflatable kayak made by Sea Eagle while we were in Rock Island. We took it out a couple of times, once on Great Falls Lake (aka: the Caney Fork river), and once on the Collins River. It handled like a champ, my old partner Greg Quacchia would have been proud. Another of my old partners, Chuck Herzog, would have said, “Hey dummy, why not get a sail boat instead?”  We had fun paddling all over, I made Jeanne do most of the work (ha ha!). 

“C’mon, Jeanne, can’t ya paddle faster?”

Notice, no paddle in my hands?
Speaking of Chuck Herzog, he and his wife Cindy just happened to be in Nashville during our stint at Rock Island and we hooked up for some BBQ and a visit here at the park. Chuck and Cindy had also done the Stone River Battlefield self guided tour, and he passed along the CD for the tour, which we made use of at a later date. Thanks, Chuck and Cindy, it was a cool tour.

Towards the end of our stay in Rock Island our friend Ranger Dava took us rock hopping down to the Great Falls/Gorge swimming hole. It was a cool hike, and the water was nice and in some places DEEP!


Cool shoes, eh?

And, of course, what stay in the Rock Island area would be complete without making a visit to tour the one and only Jack Daniel’s Distillery in historic Lynchburg, TN? It was interesting to see the process and to discover this is the only location worldwide that makes JD whiskey.

Us and our new buddy, Jack.

This cave contains the spring which produces all the water used in the JD distilling process.

Nice ride…

Well, time to hit the road again, well rested and ready for some more splorin’. We had a great time as the Rock Island State Park Camp Hosts, we met some very nice folks and worked with some really really nice staff folks. If you ever get a chance, RISP is a nice place to visit, and be sure to stop in and say hi to Ranger David, Ranger Dava, Ranger Allen, Park Manager Damon, and Naturist Shannon. In the office  Donna, Vicky, and Eva will get you all settled in. Great times and great folks…(Yeah, all you maintenance guys and gals were great too…)

Now, on toward Florida…

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