Santa Fe, NM

Our first stop in Santa Fe was the Hyde Memorial State Park, which was in the mountains at about 8400 feet. The air was a bit on the thin side. This state park lays claim to be the first state park in New Mexico. It was a bit rough to get to, we had to tow through some VERY skinny streets, with A LOT of closures and construction going on. But we finally made it. The sites with power (only) for trailers were off the main road that leads to a ski area. There were several good hiking trails in the area and we had fun on the East and West Circle trails. I think it was the East Circle trail that we took which was a 3 mile hike up the mountain with a 1,000 foot elevation change. At the top we were at 9,440 feet above sea level.  Good hike!

A view of the valley floor from the East Circle trail.

“YeeeeeHawwwwwww, we made it to the top, 9440 feet!”

But, of course, we did have weather issues, GO FIGURE?!! On our third day, after temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, we just had to get snow! We got several inches of the white stuff. Is this what snowbirdin’ is all about???!!!???

Our campsite at Hyde Memorial State Park. Nobody told us that to be “snowbirds” in RV terms, we were supposed to follow the WARM weather!”

We only stayed at Hyde Park for 4 days. There was no cell reception and no internet access while we were there, so we headed to another RV park outside of Santa Fe, the Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground. It was an old run down KOA campground, but they had laundry, cell reception, and wifi albeit weak signal. We had to hang out for at least 2 days and maybe 4 because we were waiting for our Alternative Resources mailing. So to kill time, we went into Santa Fe to walk around the Plaza area. That looked to be one of their main touristy things to do. Other than that, it looked to be geared toward the summertime activities being so close to the Rio Grande river. The “highlight” of our stay at this RV park was the New York style pizza we got at a nearby shop called Pizza Centro.  Mmmmmmm, tasty. Looks like we will be outta here tomorrow, on to Amarillo, TX!

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