We’re off, again!

With Pop stabilized, we headed back out on the road again.  Our visit to California would not be complete without a stop in to check on our son and daughter-in-law, Chad and Crissy, at San Luis Obispo.  We stayed at the El Chorro county park again and spent the weekend visiting.   We had a very nice time, taking a walk out of Avila Beach in some actual SUNSHINE.  Chad and Crissy then took us for dinner to Schooner’s, a small beachfront restaurant out in Cayucos.  It was great food at a nice, oceanside location.

Next day we set out on foot downtown SLO and cruised all the shops and sights. We also took in the historical San Luis Obispo Mission in downtown.

Oh, wow. Standing on church grounds and no lightning strikes! I must be living right….

And while in SLO, Chad of course had to get his Madison “fix”.

Must be some kinda eerie connection between the two, don’t you think? It’s something in the eyes…

From there it was onward ho.  Our next “Griswold Family Vacation” travel day started out appropriately. As I loaded things up, taking boxes out of the storage area I managed to snap off the aluminum arm to the black tank valve handle. Great. “@%#$&*!!!” Thankfully, I was still able to empty the black tank using a pair of needle nose pliers. So we headed toward our preferred destination – Lake Mead and the federal campground there.  Upon arrival, in the just-turned-nighttime hours, we were greeted with the “Campground Full” sign across the driveway, on a weekday no less! “@%#$&*!!!” It was rather fortuitous that we found the Railroad Pass Casino nearby, which allows 3 nights of overnight parking for RV’s (no connections).  So now the plans changed…again.  For some reason I guess we are not supposed to be at Lake Mead right now.  So we headed into Congress, AZ and stayed at the SKP/Rainbow Park for a while. Not somewhere I would say is a “must see” area, but at $95/week it was a good stopover spot.  The park had full hooks and was good, gravel spaces.  They had a manicured desert garden area that was nice to walk through and the weather was mild (finally!)  


“And more cacti!”

“I am communing with Nature. I am one with my cacti brethren!”

Our home in Congress, AZ. Note the BLUE skies…

We have now decided to not try and plan too far ahead and just “leap frog” our way across the country.  You just never know where it is you want to head to on any given day and our new motto is “Plans Change”.  We might have to have a sign made with that motto on it.  Anyway, our next stop was…stay tuned.

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