On Toward Spring Training

We found a workamper opportunity to work the concessions for Spring Training at the Surprise, AZ stadium, home to the Royals and Rangers.  So it looks like we will be headed that way at the end of this month.  In the meantime, we made a Costco run into Vegas and cruised through Red Rock Canyon Nat’l Park area.  All these unique rock formations have been really spectacular to look at and Red Rock Canyon is no different.

This is the stuff Western movies are made of…

There’s s’posed to be some wild horses running around here somewhere…

Yeah, ‘dems some red rocks…

And now, for our latest “adventure”…So, we ran out of propane in one tank last Saturday. It continues to be temps in the teens at night.  We switched to tank 2 (another 7 gal. tank) and decided to wait and gas up the following Wednesday here at the park.  C’mon, now, 7 gallons should last us 4 days, don’t you think? With daytime temps in the 30’s and 40’s and the thermostat set at 60 when we are in the trailer, I guess 4 days just don’t cut it.  Tank 2 ran out Tuesday night at bedtime. OK, so we can tough it out until 10:00 the next morning when they open for propane business. Well, in the morning we woke up with icicles on our eyebrows again.  Jeanne got up to make coffee and the water faucet in the kitchen was frozen, that was how cold it got inside the trailer. I’m sick and tired of cold, we are supposed to be snow birding, you know, follow the sun and 80 degree temps, shorts and flip flops, tank tops, ice cold beer, etc.  SO, I run into town to fill one tank and get back to thaw the interior of the trailer just in time to fill the other tank at the park. You know me, sharp as a marble, lesson #847 learned: propane tank runs empty, FILL ‘ER UP immediately!!!! There is light at the end of this tunnel, looks like temps are on the rise (slowly) and in a couple of weeks we should be onward and upward, first stop at the Lake Mead Nat’l Park recreation area for a few days of dry camping.  That should be another adventure, it will be the 1st time we will be using our two inverters to try to keep the batteries charged.  With my level of trailering skills, it might be a short stay…

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Recreational wanderers just livin' the dream while we can still get vertical.
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