Death Valley Nat’l Park

So we made a quick one day run into part of Death Valley National Park. We only saw a small part of it seeing it is a 5,000 square mile swatch of the Mojave Desert. It is the hottest and driest point on our continent.  We checked out Zabriskie Point first.  Very scenic with a few short trails to walk into the hills (up to 3 miles, one way, I think).  Some points of the trails looked pretty steep, but we had the puppies with us which were not allowed on the point or trails, so they stayed in the truck and we made it to the overlook only.  It was a pretty cool sight, looking at the mountain formations and the valley.

Zabriskie Point

These are the types of trails at Zabriskie Point

Jeanne says, “It’s ALL mine!”
Next stop was Mosaic Canyon. It was a short walk, a mile or so, but again we had to leave the furry ones in the truck.  The canyon was basically more scenic rock formations, not really colorful as its name may imply.  But it was still a cool sight.

“You coming, or what?!” Mosaic Canyon

An easy walk/climb through the canyon.

The beginning of Mosaic Canyon, catching a small piece of Death Valley in the background.

We headed just out of the park to check out the local ghost town, Rhyolite.  It was a gold mining boomtown sometime around 1908, around 6,000 population jammed into a small mountain area.  Not a lot of buildings/ruins left, but an interesting walk through time nevertheless.

The Bottle House at Rhyolite.

Looking down the “main drag” of what’s left in Rhyolite.

I think this is the one train depot left in Rhyolite.

We are going to try to get back to Death Valley at least one more time, there is still a lot to see.  But now it was time to head back to camp.  I had to deal with a toilet seal that was allowing the water to leak out.  I found out the easy fix…silicone lubricant spray on the two pivot points of the flusher-thing-a-ma-jigger (a highly technical term) inside the pipe and below the bowl and, voila, no more leaking toilet (it appeared the flusher was sticking).  It was a bit comforting to hear from numerous fellow full timers about their similar experiences with all the little things that need to be fixed now and then on the RV. I think I am caught up on repairs at the moment.  The only thing that drives us crazy is the coooooold temps causing us to rip through the propane like there is no tomorrow.  We are always amused at the stories of the elderly RVers here at this Escapees park.  A group of the ladies have repeatedly urged Jeanne and I to go to the local brothel, Sherry’s, for lunch and maybe a tour.  Their faces actually light up when they talk about Sherry’s.  I think we’ll have to pass…It is nice to hear some of the road stories others have experienced, and there is A LOT of experience here, several folks have been full timers for double digit years and one gal has been full timing for 30 years!  I don’t think I could do that long on the road.  Time to sign off for now.  Onward and upward!

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