Bye-bye, California

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog.  Saying good-bye to family and friends was hard, until we realized that, hey, we are headed out on a long vacation and we will be back to visit, probably very loooooong visits.  The holidays were fun, especially Christmas with the Gladiator (Maximus, our 1 year old grandson).  I got to teach Max some annoying habits that his mom and dad get to un-teach.

Max at his 1 year photo shoot

We went south to visit our son and daughter-in-law Chad and Chrissy in the lovely, sun-filled San Luis Obispo, CA.  FINALLY, we get out of the cold and wet of Sonoma County.  I’ve been fed up with being cold and wet, so we headed to SLO with smiles on our faces.  Wouldn’t you know it, we get there and the cold and rain followed us there.  30 something degree temps were not fun!  We stayed at the El Chorro County Park in a site with full hookups.  This was a nice park and had a lot of stuff there, such as 2 separate dog run parks, several large group BBQ areas, a couple of large play areas for kids, and some hiking trails into the mountains.  We made good use of the dog runs and hiked up to Eagle Rock.  The only issue was on 2 of the nights we were there, the coyotes got very loud and close at zero dark thirty.  All in all we had a good visit with Chad and Chrissy and then another emotional good-bye as we headed out on our vacation.

The dog run at El Chorro Park

Yes, this was a large group BBQ area WITHIN the dog run!

We decided to head straight across through the desert on Hwy. 58.  After sweating whether or not there would be snow conditions or, God forbid, chain requirements, we were relieved going through the Tehachapi Mountains unscathed by such requirements.  I guess I can sometimes trust the automated phone tree systems of CalTrans for their road condition alerts.  Whewwwww! So we drove straight through to the lovely, sweltering township of Pahrump, Nevada.  Our destination was an Escapees co-op RV park called Pair-a-Dice in Pahrump, fully expecting warm toasty conditions seeing we were still in the desert.  YEAH, RIGHT! Cold and rain continued to follow over our heads.  Pahrump is a valley surrounded by scenic mountains, some had snow on them.  The morning temps started around 20 degrees with daytimes getting 40-50+ degrees.  We found our park and got in after hours, so we had to boondock in the front lot until the morning. We had already eaten, were pretty tired from the 9 hour drive, and decided not to fire up the generators for heat, not knowing the night would get so low in temps.  HOLY MOSES, it got cold!  We woke with icicles on our eyebrows, the poor puppies were shaking like vibrators, and to top it off we could not fire up the coffee pot without the generators.  Oh well, hot tea it was.  The manager got us hooked up with our site for the month and we quickly got powered up and coffee’d up.

“Honey, I thought you said a stay in the dessert was going to require only shorts and flip-flops?!?”

Well, our first overnight stay in our space got me a frozen solid garden hose and water filter between the 5th wheel and the water faucet. Luckily, I kept about a third of the fresh water tank full, so we had to revert to on-board water for a short time while I thawed the water hose.  We then went directly to Home Depot and picked up some styrofoam pipe insulation tubes for the hose.  The next night temps continued around 20 degrees and we woke to another frozen water hose, insulated and all.   We went directly to Home Depot again and got some bigger sized styrofoam pipe insulating tubes and put those over the first set of insulators. That should do it, I would expect to be able to get hot water out of the faucet without using my water heater, that’s how much insulation I had on that hose!  The next night, similar temps, and in the morning, %#$@&%$#@!*& same frozen hose but now also the park’s water faucet!!! Well, my last ditch plan will have to do.  Time to disconnect the park water hook-up and drain the water hose for overnight, using only on-board water until the morning.

Oh well, when one is tired of cold and wet, one can only think warm thoughts…Catch you later with more…

Hey, Opa, how, exactly am I s’posed to put these lights on that tree?

Super Why!

THIS is how I roll!

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