Winding down…

OK. So we’ve decided we are not real fond of the northern I-90 states. We did manage to take some of the back roads on our way back and discovered they can be a better way to go than the main highways.  The only drawback to these is that signs of civilization (i.e. GAS STATIONS!) are few and far between.  And not being familiar with the smaller roads, I found myself feeling like Steve Martin’s character in “The Jerk”(the scene where he goes crazy because “The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!”) every time I passed a big rig going the opposite way. I’d get so excited knowing the road ahead was suitable for big rigs. What a dweeb I am…  The other thing we had issues with was the AT&T phone service and wi-fi at various parks/locations.  Now we know why a lot of the full timers go with Verizon for phones.

From Arco, ID, we headed into a tiny town called Vale, OR. We stayed at the Vale Trails RV Park for one night.  It was OK for a one-nighter, there is not much to do or see in Vale, OR.  From the signs everywhere it appeared that hunting season was about to begin in the area. Uh-oh, a bunch of yahoos with high powered rifles, we better continue westward-ho in a hurry!

Goose Lake State Park became our next stop.  It is an Oregon state park on the border with California.  Only had 20A service, but hey, at least we could make coffee without having to fire up a generator.  There were TONS of deer wandering around and through the park and lots of random gunshots in the distance.  Oops, hunting season here as well.

On the road to Goose Lake…

Goose Lake State Park. Not real green…

We found another Passport America RV park in Redding, appropriately named Redding RV Park.  The sites were a bit smothery but it was a clean, well kept park with easy freeway access.  For $18 you can’t go wrong…We had a nice visit with family here. 

No wonder we’re leaving California.  It is terrible to have to look out one’s backyard and see this peeking over your fence…

Well, next stop Santa Rosa to wrap things up.  Looking forward to a continuing roadtrip with a very much slower pace.  There are sooooooo many places to visit and see, ocean to ocean.  So long for now…

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