Ever-so-closer to THE DREAM!

So, one thing I have noticed in our trek across the north states, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, there seems to be a lot of “NO” spread out.  Signs everywhere, rest stops, RV parks, freeway exits, all with an abundance of “NO” information (no pets, no services, no overnight parking, no excessive drinking, etc.).  It seems there were more attempts at over-regulation than we get in California.  There was even a placemat in a restaurant in Montana that had “Little known facts about Montana” that stated it was illegal for a married woman to fish alone on Sundays.  I find that one really hard to believe…One other thing I found a little strange. I know my diesel truck does not get the best of mileage, but because of the massive expanses here in the northern parts, I found diesel gas stations few and faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr between.  So much so that it is really weird to start worrying about the next fuel station when you are at 3/4 of a tank, FULL!  But, push on, we must.

We did an overnighter in Miles City, MT, at a place called Meadow RV Park.  It looked to be a new upstart park in the middle of town, some of the sites did not appear to be finished. It was OK for an overnight stop, albeit a little pricey for the bare bones that it was ($31/night).

The next stop was Lewis and Clark Caverns Nat’l Park, near Trident MT.  This was a secluded park with limited electrical hookups and no water hookups. We never made it to the Caverns hike/tour and only stayed overnight here.  It was also a bit pricey for the bare bones that it was ($28/night).

The next two days we stayed in bustling Arco, ID (insert sarcasm here).  We found a nice RV park, Mountain View RV Park which had full drive thru hookups, clean showers/bathrooms, and free real breakfast for RVers.  They also ran a cafe for dinner out of the park as well.  Sites had some shading and fair spacing between them.  While here we visited the Craters of the Moon Nat’l Monument.  It was a nice park with great walking paths and lots to see. Lots to learn about volcanic activity.

Inside Indian Cave, one of the large lava tubes in the park.
Some of the local terrain…eerie!
Our front yard at Mountain View RV Park.
Peace and quiet!

Unfortunately, we have stumbled back into fire zones.  Local fires created a thick smoky haze that just didn’t go away.  Oh well…

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