Bye-bye, Montana…

Well, now we can say we stayed at the very first KOA, in Billings, MT. It’s a nice RV park, but wayyyyyy overpriced at its normal nitely rate of 60-some dollars.  It was nice to get out of the smoky haze.  While in Billings, they had their Montana Fair going (I don’t think it was THE state fair, but Billings version of our county fair).  We went to the fair, expecting some monstrously huge rural extravaganza, since of course we ARE in Montana. Sad to say, our little city slicker version of a fair, the Sonoma County Fair, puts this one to shame! Instead of horse races, this fair had a rodeo, which we also attended.  Now, in the future, Jeanne can actually use the phrase, “This ain’t my 1st rodeo!”. And prices at fairs don’t seem to vary much, state by state, overpriced food and such.  Sonoma County Fair food is MUCH better!

The drive across Montana was pretty unremarkable.  But you could definitely tell the difference once we got into northeastern Wyoming and then South Dakota.  South Dakota in the summertime is very scenic and pleasant.  We stayed in Sturgis a week after the Rally finished. Extremely small town, we could only imagine what Main St. looked like a week ago.

Where’s all the bikers?!?!

Main St., Sturgis, SD after the bikes have gone…

A biker ghost town…

Well, whilst we were in Sturgis, we accepted an offer on the house, so it looks like the clock may start on us here shortly.  Whoooooooopppppyyyyyy.
Took a day trip to Mt. Rushmore.  Awe inspiring to say the least.  I was surprised at how close you can get to the actual carved mountain, we walked the trail right up to the bottom of the carvings. We also walked around downtown Keystone as well, had a nice lunch.  All in all a very relaxing day.
Hello, Mr. Presidents!
The Boardwalk along downtown Keystone, SD.
We should find out tomorrow if the clock starts ticking on the house escrow. Time to hit the big city of Sioux Falls and probably establish a residency there.  Hopefully South Dakota remains scenic for the final leg of the trip…

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