You can have Nevada…

So, the Fernley RV park was not so bad.  But our next stop was scenic Wells, Nevada.  We found a Passport America RV park called Crossroads RV Park. We never even pulled in.  It was almost not large enough to pull into! I even think I heard banjo music. The few trailers present in the gravel “wide spot in the road” were not well maintained and the whole area I would designate as an American eyesore!  We toured the “downtown” area and found the Mountain Shadows RV Park.  It was actually a well maintained park for its size and had very nice shower/bathrooms.  The only issue I actually had with this park was I could detect a faint to moderate odor similar to a meth cook from somewhere in the area.  Oh joy! This would be another overnight stop for us. The I-80 freeway through Nevada has been terrible with all the construction zones and crazy driving truckers (I got seriously cut off by a driver of a triple rig).  Jeanne actually got feeling a little frisky (no, not THAT way!) and wanted to try driving the rig.  So I got a big break after lunch and got to be obnoxious as she sweated through the ins and outs of driving an oversized beast on a highway.

Such a serious face!

Oh, OK, NOW we are having fun!

But her fun quickly came to a crashing halt when we needed to stop for gas.  We pulled up almost all the way to the TRUCK STOP pumps (you know, the place where they drive extremely hugely large semi-tractors with multiple trailers into for fuel) when she jumped out of the driver’s seat and declared she was done.  OK dear, I’ll take over.

We got to a small town area called Declo, Idaho where we stayed at another Passport America place called the Village of Trees RV Resort.  This was not a bad stop.  Lots of spacious sites and shade trees that have large canopy but nothing so low as to scrape the trailers.  We were right on the Snake River.

Hey, I did not sign up for this!

Cool shade!

We went for a run along the river path. This was through a horse pasture and it turned out to be a good run.  Now, I’m no runner by any stretch of the imagination, but Jeanne is even less than me.  As we poked along at her pace, we came across a “mini herd” of horses, some with foals.  Jeanne was traumatized as a young’un when she got chased by a horse.  This was all it took for the pace to quicken to a comfortable speed as she tried to put as much distance between her and the evil equine beasts.

Here is the small fishin’ pond inside the park.

There’s already been quite a bit of action on the pending home sale.  Several showings even before the open house and looks like there will be lots of activity and interest in it. It’s good to be on the road…

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