On the road to Fernley, NV

Oh boy, on the road again, FINALLY! It was quite hectic trying to escape town while getting house repairs done to prep it for selling and getting the 5th wheel prepped for the road. In my conversations with fellow workers who are also RVers I found several who we’re unaware of the need to change the anode rod in the water heater. I just changed mine ( I’m going to do it once a year, the trailer manufacturer recommends once the rod is about 75% eaten up). After one year, you can see that mine was not even close to 75% chewed up.  Changing it will help prolong the life of your water heater.

That stuff can eat the water heater!

Wouldn’t you know it, there has always got to be some testing of one’s intestinal fortitude (or should I say one’s common sense quotient?) when hitting the road.  While driving along fat, dumb, and happy as we approached the mountains into Truckee, reading the “miles to E” gauge on the truck and monitoring the mileage on Agnes (the GPS built into the truck) it appeared we were going to have plenty of petrol to get us to Reno and beyond. But NOOOOOOOO, hold on there, not so fast buster, all that technology fails to take into account a lengthy pull to over 5,000 feet altitude-wise.  As we traversed that incline I could watch the gas gauge race over closer and closer to the “E” and no petrol stations with diesel in sight. Having no alternative but to chug along, I watched as, I swear, the “miles to E” gauge went from 50 to 25 to 10 in about a 3 mile stretch.  It would be great if sweat were a good substitute for diesel because I produced a few tankfuls of that.  But, the man upstairs must have been smiling down on me and wanted to show He too  has a sense of humor.  As I am getting seconds away from going dry, one of the Truckee Chevron stations popped up, with diesel!  As I pulled in I was thanking that man upstairs and then I caught on to His humor.  He gave me diesel, but did not give me a high enough clearance under the roof, so I had to gas up by hand, one 5 gallon gas can at a time.  I’ll take it anyway I can.

We got to our destination for the day without further drama.  The Fernley RV Park is in a little hole-in-the-wall town east of Reno.  It was 90’s, but not unbearable.  The RV Park was actually very nice-paved driveways, concrete pads for the trailer and the picnic/front door patio area, and actually green grass well maintained.  This was a Passport America member site, so the $16 fee was a nice change of pace as far as pay sites go.  Full hook-ups, 50 amp, cable, wifi, it was a good stop.

Concrete, level pads. Yeah, we’re roughin’ it!
What’s that, a few clouds on the horizon? In August?

The only bummer parts of the trip will be these one night stopovers.  Looking forward to lengthier stays and enjoying the areas and visiting the “neighbors” more.  Stay tuned for more…

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