We’re almost there…

Well, “best laid plans of mice and men”… We had to postpone our upcoming road trip.  In preparing for   putting the house up for sale we got seriously kicked up side the head.  25 years in this stick house led to some severe dry rot issues involving all the floor joists under the master bedroom and in a couple other areas of the foundation.  We went ahead and had the boyz of Hitmen Termite Co. in Santa Rosa do the repairs as well as treat the exterior for termites (thankfully there was no current infestation found, but again, the damage was done).  And we have to say, the work crew doing our job were hard working lads and pleasant to deal with. 

Repairs nearing the end, oh boy!

That also put a rather large dent in the funds we were willing to expend on our indeterminate vacation road trip.  More than likely we will shorten the journey and focus on hitting Sioux Falls to establish residency there and hopefully return to a sold house.  And wouldn’t you know it, just as we are about to head out on that trip our tomatoes and corn are just now getting close for picking in our garden.  Summer here has been not too keen for gardeners, the sunshine being insufficient to turn the green tomatoes red, until now.  Our fresh veggies’ fate will now rest in our daughter’s hands as she is being left behind to tend to the house.

Lots o’ green tomatoes!
Corn on steroids!

Cherry tomatoes just starting to turn…

This being our very first house, bought and soon to be sold, we did learn some very important (and costly!) lessons.  The main one is, if we ever buy another stick house, we will most certainly get regular pest inspections to keep severe issues from accumulating. Each day that passes gets us closer to our full time RVing goals, “Yippppppeeeeeeee Kaaaaayyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyy!”

House for sale. Any takers?

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