The Road to RVing

OK, so things are starting to move at a rapid pace for us. Our planned vacation is barreling down on us. We are going to have the house on the market while we are gone. We have been working around the house at break-neck pace, throwing up some fresh paint, new carpet, replaced windows, packed stuff in boxes piled in the garage and closets. Vacation has morphed somewhat to now having the focus on getting to S. Dakota to probably establish new residency. We still want to do the Grand Ol’ Opry for Jeanne’s BIG “5-0” BIRTHDAY (!!!!!!). Even though we may return from vacation with a new residence out of state, our intention is to remain here, probably at the KOA in Petaluma, through the end of the year. And from there, wherever the wind takes us is where we will be found. The anticipation is mind numbing!

Max the Dolphin


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